Apr 25, 2012

Joe Cole could return to Anfield as wages block Lille move

Midfielder Joe Cole could be on his way back to Liverpool in the summer as wages look set to derail a permanent move to Lille.

Lille chairman Michel Seydoux admitted that a permanent deal may be out of the question due to the extravagance of his current salary, understood to be £90,000 per week.

“Joe Cole has spoken and I thought it was great. It’s rare that an English player comes to France and says he wants to continue,” he told RMC.

“A discussion was held today. I do not make money. You must be reasonable.

“We’ll see when we will do the main choices.”

He added: “The final ranking will be important in the transfer window.”

Meanwhile Joe Cole has reiterated that he is hoping to remain with the Ligue 1 club beyond this season.

“I would like to stay but it’s not in my hands,” Cole said. “I haven’t spoken to anyone at Liverpool. I’m waiting to hear from them.

“I’ve been very well received here. I’ve discovered a new football culture and way of playing. The only thing I miss is the atmosphere in the Premier League. The level is similar.”

Gotta love how we’re paying a large % of Joe Coles wages for him to play elsewhere. Do you think Joe Cole would have made a better impact than Henderson if he was given a chance this season??

  • Steven

    Especially under kennys pass and move style ,Joe cole would have easly created a bigger impacts as hes one of englands most technically gifted players.Also his eye for a pass and finishing abilities is way superior than both downing and henderson

  • george

    Whoa, hang on Steven, it was Kenny who sent him out on loan!!! We have been saddled with his ridiculously high wages ever since he arrived on the free!!! Also I see the Aquman could be returning. I’ve got an open mind on him. very gifted but often missing in action when a few studs were flying about. However I really thought he would have stayed after our pre season, (his form was good) and we might have stayed away from Adam.  

    • Steven

      Yes i know but it was the same kenny who sold raul meireles  just for fitting Henderson in the squad.Argubly meireles  and maxi was easily our best players last season after kenny took charge. Must say Kenny nd commoli got everything wrong with the transfers.

  • Julie Rosina

    i read somewhere that maxi is leaving ,,is this true?

    • george

      I hope not Julie. He’s got a few failings but he knows where the net is WHEN KK DECIDES TO GIVE HIM A GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Julie Rosina

        hi george, i hope not 2 as far as im concerned a good buy 
        with him sg bellamy suarez i enjoy watching lol
        hope we win 2mrw & man c beat manure on monday 
        with only 4 games left 2 play i hope we finish around 5th or 6th but it depends on whos on the pitch & how well we play

  • Red Barron

    It’s easy to be armchair managers with the benefit of hindsight. If Frederick Fleet (look-out) had known what we know now the titanic would never have hit the iceberg! Henderson SHOULD have been a good buy and brought more to the team with his youthful legs and engine but it hasn’t worked out that way. So far he’s been a big disappointment but thinking that Cole who has done well in the much slower and roomier French league would have been better over here is not looking at the whole picture.

    If you only see what a player does once a week in a game it’s easy to think they should play all the time (eg Maxi) but KK see them day in day out and knows exactly when they are worth a place. Maybe Maxi has been good precisely because he’s played relatively sparingly, who knows!

    One thing is for certain, we absolutely must buy a proven (over more than one season and I the EPL

    • Robbarron

      Just to finish my sentence….

      A proven goals-scorer :0)

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