Jan 14, 2011

LFC transfer rumours: Liverpool linked with 32 players in the January transfer window!

Liverpool FC have been linked with an astonishing 32 players in the January transfer window in just 14 days; with none of the players linked having signed for the club. We’ve compiled a list of the players that have been linked to a transfer with LFC so far, so you can see how much of a joke the rumour mill actually is.

Given that according to Premier League rules, only 25 players can be registered to play for the first team, to be linked with 32 players on top of our existing squad is just ridiculous.

The players we have been linked to so far are:

Luis Suarez
Eden Hazard
Ashley Young
Urby Emanuelson
Charles N’Zogbia
Romelu Lukaku
Eljero Elia
Stephen Warnock
Stephen Ireland
Micah Richards
Emanuel Adebayor
Scott Parker
Mauro Zarate
Charlie Adam
Carlton Cole
Shaun Wright Philips
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
Vedran Corluka
Steven Pienaar
Victor Obinna
Alvaro Negredo
Fabio Coentrao
Pablo Hernandez
Gabriel Milito
Wayne Routledge
Keisuke Honda
Daniel Sturridge
Ryan Shawcross
Per Mertesacker
Nicklas Bendtner

Don’t be surprised to see that not a single one of these lines up under Kenny Dalglish to face Stoke on February 2nd at Anfield once the transfer window has “slammed” shut.

If for argument’s sake we did sign all of these, our spending would come to over £350million (if going off the figures given in the papers), something I’m sure John Henry and the rest of FSG would have a problem with, not to mention having to sell all of our first team squad.

Our players registered to play in the Premiership currently are: Jones, Johnson, Konchesky, Meireles, Agger, Aurelio, Gerrard, Torres, Cole, Jovanovic, Kyrgiakos, Maxi, Kuyt, Babel, Lucas, Carragher, Reina, Spearing, Poulsen, Darby and Skrtel. This means that we’d have to sell all of the above players, and sign 25 of the 32 above within the next two weeks…unrealistic isn’t it?

It just backs up the saying “If you throw enough mud at the wall, some of it will stick”

No doubt Liverpool will be ‘braced’ to receive a bid, or planning to ‘swoop’ for someone, or ‘tabling a bid’ for the next Zidane (or any other footballing transfer cliches you can think of)!

Anything to sell a newspaper I suppose.

  • Anonymous

    I bet not a single one of them signs for us – it’s completely made up every time. We see some tool on Skysports with 3 phones claiming he knows all the deals, yet nothing happens

  • Kopite

    If there’s papers to sell there’s rumours to tell!

  • Anonymous

    It makes me laugh that every year we are apparently planning buying all these players, yet none of them end up playing for LFC at Anfield!

  • Anonymous

    that would make some liverpool side….but we need some changes at kop b’coz bad left legacies are haunting liverpool

  • Anonymous

    We’d have to Sell Reina, Agger, Johnson, Carragher, Meireles, Lucas, Gerrard and Torres to accommodate all those signings – not a chance!

  • Anonymous

    there’s 7 players that i really want to see playing for LFC.
    1.r.shawcross 2.p.mertesacker 3.f.coentrao 4.e.hazard 5.e.elia 6.r.lukaku 7.l.suarez.
    if we spent some money and sell some players, it’s not impossible. starting eleven 4-2-3-1: reina; kelly, shawcross, mertesacker/carra, coentrao; gerrard, meireles; hazard, elia/lukaku, suarez; torres
    subs: gulacsi, wilson, agger, johnson, maxi, pacheco, etc. this is my dream ‘still possible’ team. i might have to sleep for a very long time hahaha. what do you think guys????

  • Anonymous

    honda is talented and would love to see him play for us but doubt whether it will happen

  • Anonymous

    Dont know about Shawcross myself, don’t see where he’d fit in ahead of who we have at CB already?

  • Anonymous

    mmm our our current squad minus konchesky, poulsen and the greek are good enough.

    i would however like to see michael johnson jion liverpool! he is an unearthed talent waiting to explode!

    as a striker, id give room for pacheco to play just behind torres…

  • Anonymous

    we only need three or four players.. realistically.

    1. fernando llorente/luis suarez
    2. keisuke honda
    3. fabio coentrao
    4. per mertesacker

    those are my top 4 at least. i’ve had enough with all this crap that he’s the next walcott or the next zidane or whatever, we have those young players in pacheco shelvey and suso already, i want the players that are good NOW.

  • George

    Pardon my cynicism but we’re off and running in the January window!!! Have never heard of the lad but one web site says he has had `issues’ at both Arsenal and Blackburn. Great!!! Will he be another player, like Kacaniklic, Eccleston and a huge long list who have been here and then leave having perhaps had a couple of games warming the seats. KD is to meet the owners!! They should be coming to see him and asking what they can do to help our club. FFS they (the owners) pay eye watering sums to the Sox players, so also make a fraction of this available to KD. If not i can see us going into the Championship. I hate Leeds with a passion and was so glad when the bottom fell out of that club but they’re a great example of how difficult it is to come back into the EPL once that great big trap door has opened. Some are saying that a season in the Championship would be good for us!! FFS (again!) we are Liverpool. It can and will happen, our games will run out and our chances of avoiding the drop will be gone. Begining with the away postponed game against Blackpool, the LFC TV site said those games gave us a great chance to get our act together. A dead lucky full points against Bolton and nothing else. I am not being a panic merchant but we are in more strife than the early settlers. make no mistake, Kenny or not.

  • Anonymous

    about 10m and plus if he sells any1.

    i wud sell lucas to stoke for 5m. taking my kitty to 15m.

    i wud buy these players, just to help LFC climb away from the relegation zone and then rebuild the team in the summer.

    these 2 will add pace and balance to our poor midfield.

    Cole swap deal with parker, plus 3m to west ham. parker is needed to add some bit and he wud be great alongside sg in our midfield.

    4m left from the kitty, i wud sign benzema(if Jose signs another striker)on loan till the end of the season and partner him with torres.

    team for 2nd of feb, v stoke…
    kelly carra agger aurelio
    swp sg parker jarvis
    benzema torres

  • Anonymous

    above is from topscout

  • rouman

    yes its all dom and gloom at the moment, but i can see us being ok. , kenny will turn it i said he needs a bit of help and he will get it he needs a few in so he needs money
    a few out as well theres a few to shift polsen johnson, lucas, konchesky.janovic in benzema or surez turan would be good one ill love alonso… ill be at anfield tomorrow it will not be a pretty game but awin is needed they all know that..we do too there will be nothink wrong with the fans surrport youll see that.. so its time you mighty reds to start winning…

  • KEV J

    This is our best chance to win everton are missing 4 key players,yakubu has gone on loan cahill is at asia cup jagielka is out injured and pienaar is talking to other clubs so he wont be playing either,so this is a must for 3 pts on sunday we need to go on a run of games to climb the table it p****s me off that we win one lose one if we want the top players to join then we need to start climbing the table and put a run of wins together…..

  • Anonymous

    the need suarez, young, eden hazard but wthe club can’t buy all of them

  • George

    I’ve seen on The Guardian web site that our probable starting line up tomorrow will be Kelly at right back and Johnson in a right midfield position. Has anyone else seen this and if so does it mean that kenny is at least thinking of giving Johnson some licence to get forward whilstd leaving Kelly there as the traditional right back. If this is the case, this would give me and so many others a big lift because I think Johnson is a crap full back but could be a star for us on that right wing. He has all the attributes needed. Got my fingers crossed. PLEASE lads raise yourselves for tomorrows gaame, if you don’t look interested tomorrow, I really believe we are Championship bound. Anyone know when we last played in a derby without Gerrard and Carra?

  • Anonymous

    all 4 players wud cost 70 million plus .rubbish like johnson,agger,kon,lucas,poulson,babel,jov,sud all b shown door ,r reserve team better dan 1st team .reina,kelly,carra,skertel,mavinga.amoo,gerrard,raul,pacheao,shelvey,torres.babel spends more time on twitter dan pitch.pure waster get rid 1st.

  • Anonymous

    lavezzi 2 partner torres midfield javi martinez nuri sahin wingers honda nzogbia defenders cahill dann wing back bastos . get rid of rubbish put youngs guns around these guys plus riena carra gerrard torres

  • Anonymous

    they need a couple more attacking options like suarez and elia, but what they really need and what nobody is talking about are CENTRE BACKS!!!! All three of the centre backs are absolute crap!!!! carragher coming back will help but its not going to solve the problems they have defensively. Can anyone tell me how long ago it was when liverpool had two world class central defenders? It has been quite a while and the results are showing that. If John Henry is giving the Red Sox all this money to sign players than shouldnt he do the same for Liverpool because I would argue we are in a worse situation than they are. YNWA

  • Anonymous

    Yes i agree, LFC need to sign 2 center halfs a-sap, b4 they sign any mid or strikers.

    i wud LFC to sign richards, play kelly alongside agger and warnock, on loan at left back.


  • George

    Well Sami was one, but I agree we don’t have a consistent pair of central defenders. People are all talking about Carra’s return.A sad thing to say but I’m not so sure he will be up to it. A lot believed his legs had gone before he did his collar bone, and being out for three months at his age may be a big ask to come straight back in. I hope I’m wrong. Carra and Agger are for me our best pairing. A big step to ask Kelly to go in there and Ayala too inexperienced? I’m getting really worried about whther we will hang on to our EPL status. Lose against Wolves and we are in BIG BIG trouble.

  • rouman

    hi mate i think kelly is a better c/h than full back.better than skrtel now annd the greek guy.and i think he will get better the only way is to play him now.. carras legs are going true but hes still needed yet
    a few in hopefully and we should be ok..

  • George

    yes, for me Kelly is our one bit of good news this year. I’ve liked him since he played in the CL at Anfield and was injured late on. I always wonder why Benitez, knowing what Kelly could do and what potential he had, then forked out millions on Johnson when we had a `home grown’ ready to go!! For me this was probably the worst example of wastage of money at Anfield in the recent past. Now, add Jovanovich, Poulsen, Konchesky, what a f..ing mismanagement of funds and no wonder we got into such a state under G and H. Of course like all of us I hope we will be OK but we will struggle to do so. I think back to the 94th (?) minute in our first game at Anfield against the gooners. One up and then Pepe knocks one over the line. I wonder if that had not happened (and Cole hadn’t been sent off) would we have been in this mess we are in now. That late goal, no doubt whatsoever, hit our confidence and three days later we could’nt cope at Eastlands. But I wonder if we had got the home win at Anfield it might have all been so different??? Meanwhile the days in January tick past, I’m absolutely sick of the rumours about who we are linked to. Sign someone and I’ll take some notice.

  • Anonymous

    aw bello : )

  • Anonymous

    Suarezzzz !

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