Dec 26, 2011

Liverpool Lineup vs Blackburn – Stevie back on the bench

Here is Liverpool’s Lineup for the match against Blackburn. Great to see Stevie back on the bench.

Reina, Enrique, Agger, Skrtel, Johnson, Maxi, Henderson, Adam, Downing, Suarez, Carroll

Subs: Gerrard, Kuyt, Carragher, Doni, Shelvey, Kelly , Bellamy.

What do our fans think of tonight’s lineup? Pretty attacking team overall?

  • Anonymous

    Its time to drop Downing, he’s been pathetic and did f’all against Wigan… Play Maxi on the left, Johnson on the right, moving Kelly back in at right back. Kuyt and Bellamy up front…

    Would also like to see Shelvey given a starting roll in the centre of midfield….

    come on you reds…

  • Anonymous

    I can’t help think that time is starting to run out for KK, I heard all the crap about work in progress blah blah….. the simple fact is KK has spent a shed load and half of it on rubbish Downing is laughable and if Adam scores it’s at the wrong end. Trouble is who the fcuk do we gat to take over, maybe Jose God knows we need a frekkin miracle. And sweet Carroll 9 can get his arse back up the M62 anytime he likes. Bells needs a good run in the starting 11 and Shelvey would be worth a punt too
    God Help Us

  • julie

    was nice 2c stevieeeee on the pitch it all changed wen he came on felt like a different atmosphere
    red 4eva
    love ya stevie g xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Anonymous

    We need to get rid of dead wood in Johnson carragher Henderson downing Lucas Carroll and because he never fit Gerrard too he past it and then New manager kenny is a good player but no good manager

  • Anonymous

    True out with kenny bring back hodgeson he never got a chance

  • George

    Love KK but our lot could do with the Whiskey Nose hairdryer treatment. KK is always supportive of his players which is great, but ffs we are just leaking so many points to teams we should be able to beat. OK we had a bad deal from the ref at Craven Cottage but, and here’s the difference, the manures went there and came away 5-0. I will take a lot of convincing we are anything but Europa Leagu bound next season. The loss of these `soft’ points at home shows that we are not there by a long way. Please, anybody, take Carroll.

  • deano69

    sorry george i gotta disagree with you over carroll, i think we should keep him for the time being, to be honest i dont think he has been given a fair chance and once he is firing like he can he will show his worth. i agree we are dropping way too many points against the lesser teams (no disrespect meant) we should be knocking 2-3 goals past these teams especially at home. i think we need an out and out goal scorer because the other areas are ok at the minute because suarez as good as he is at his jinks and turns he isnt exactly banging them in his he, to be brutally honest i,d drop him for a couple of games and stick carroll and bellamy up front and see how suarez reacts to being dropped and maybe a run of a couple of games will do carroll good…….

  • George

    Hi mate, yes fair comments. Not sure about dropping Suarez, he’s got 8 games of that to come hasn’t he? No disrespect to you or anyone else who defends Carroll, that’s your right, BUT we seem to always be saying about him give him time, he’ll come good, once he is firing etc, etc, but when the f.. is this likely to happen? We are five months into the season, he trains with the other players five/six days a week. Again no disrespect, but it is worth having a look at the other Liverpool sites. Without exception, Carroll gets an easy ride on Anfield Red. He is absolutely slated elsewhere. And yes we are not anything do do with club management but can they all be wrong? Have a good New Year mate, at the end of the day we are all posting on here hoping that our club will again get back to what we have seen and been used to over the years. Our game against Newcastle for me will be a huge one, not only for our condidence but also to see what Carroll can do against a side whose structure and set up he knows better than any other.

  • jb

    George i would slightly disagree on Carroll not that he needs alot of more chances but he looks to be improving and for heavens sake he is only 21- 22 yrs old.
    so selling him at this stage is only making a loss because we can’t get even half the money we paid for him yet in 2yrs he might be incredibly good for us. I see a Lucas in him.

    But one thing we need though is another striker. Any team looking for top four can’t rely on only 2 strikers! Suarez looks tired and there is that 8 games night mare also. Carroll is off scoring form and the rest are midfielders who can score some odd goals once in a while but their main job is to create chances which to be fair they have done in every game!

    Look at the other top teams we are competiting with and they all have double the no of our strikers and they have equally a good MF that can provide goals once in a while.

    So we need to keep Carroll and get a 3rd Striker because every striker has a dry spell. Look at Torres , Rooney usually gets some but the difference is that some one has to step up and fill the gaps.
    look at who is scoring for Chelsea currently and look at the list of strikers in Manure and you will see where our problem lies.

    But good enough SG is back and he is one of the few midfielders that you can rely on for goals

  • rouman

    weres your brains pal in your pants, hodgeson was the worst ever..leave kenny alone go be a manc..

  • rouman

    hope u had a goodone xmas, yes carroll its not time he needs but a haircut. we do need more power up front, and a eal wide player. god ill swop carroll for torres to morrow. chelsea might be good for carroll, and torres now knows liverpool is the place were he can play
    i hold no grudges , torres was wrong we all make mistakes but it was chelsea not manu. a swop would be good for both teams…have a goodnewyear george..

  • George

    fair call but I would counter your argument by saying look what Rooney, Fowler and Owen were doing at 21/22 years old – and indee look what Carroll WAS doing at St James Park – but not at Anfield. Anyway we’ll agree to disagree and jb I really hope that I’m the one who turns out to be wrong from the two of us.

  • julie

    OMG hahahaha hodgeson??????????? hahahahaha hes a non league fool couldnt hack it with the “big guns” & as 4 stevie g,hes not past it u could c that wen he came back on the pitch as well as JC , he gives his all wen he on the pitch -how many goals go in wen jaimie is defending??????????????? they have the liverpool blood flowing around them

  • julie

    soooo looking 4ward 2 seeing liverpool beat nc 2mrw

  • julie

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss bbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    captain fantastic strikes again
    well done 2 bellamy & the team all played well
    love the face on kk twas a picture
    long live the king

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